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Sustainability in San Jose


At Palma Real, our Recycling Program separates waste and applies organic waste to our small orchard. This is coordinated through a third-party company Valimo, certified for its collection of garbage and the subsequent treatment.

Cooking oil is stored and reused for Biodiesel through external companies.

All money received for recycling and cooking oil is donated to the DEHVI Foundation for vital development in low-income children.

In the environmental part, we highlight the agreement with the Proparques Foundation, who carry out semiannual projects of improvement in national parks and the aid agreement with the Cerro Dantas Life Reserve in Monte de la Cruz – San Rafael de Heredia.

We are also part of the prestigious Fundación Neotrópica non-governmental non-profit organization, which implements programs oriented towards socio-environmental justice.

The Neotrópica Foundation, among other initiatives, implements the Environmental Education Program, the Blue Community Carbon Program oriented to the conservation and restoration of mangroves, key ecosystems for the fight against climate change, and continuously carries out volunteer activities aimed at reforestation and cleaning of green areas, promoting awareness among those who participate.

You can collaborate directly to care for Costa Rica’s natural resources and promote social welfare by donating here.

In Palma Real we oppose the extraction and commercialization of species of flora and native wild fauna.

You can collaborate mitigating your ecological footprint by participating with the hotel’s reforestation programs. Check with our staff.

All these actions are aimed at minimizing the serious implications of climate change that are experienced worldwide and where we still have time to take concrete actions.

Palma Real employs water and energy saving plans and has submitted occupational health plans, an emergency plan and a solid waste plan to the Ministry of Health.

Our Sustainability Policy is available in Management and Reception at the disposal of our guests. You also may navigate through our environmental, social or arch reports or make a report in the following links:

Palma Real invites you to learn more about our Museums, visit the Protected Wildlife Areas and National Parks and visit our link “How to be a Responsible Tourist”  remembering our policy of avoiding the artificial, direct and indirect feeding of wild animals and visiting the National System of Conservation Areas page, to know the Regulations for the Public Use of Wild Protected Areas.

The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children and Adolescents against Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism has been signed.

At the Hotel Palma Real we are against Sex Tourism, harassment, drug dealing and sexual harassment and abuse.

We prohibit child labor (under 15 years of age), or other types of actions in this area dictated by national or international legislation, and we have an awareness program for collaborators on child labor and its implications.

At Palma Real we work with environmentally friendly suppliers, and mainly with local quality companies. The used cleaning products are biodegradable duly certified.

The hotel has the Seal of Sanitary Quality of Aqueducts and Sewers (Green Flag) in Hotel and Restaurant for its treatment in the water.

Palma Real works hand in hand with the DEHVI Foundation, a Costa Rican non-profit organization of public interest that works hand in hand with the family, the community and public-private partnerships, for the benefit of children from 0 to 5 years through innovation and nutrition In schools.

The tourist areas and metropolitan areas offer great artistic, commercial and cultural attractions, so we recommend you visit the nearby communities to support the locals, through the acquisition of goods and services in the locality, motivating them for a positive interaction of the community and collaborating to the support of the conservationist activity. Learn a little more about the Costa Rican culture through our national symbols.

Palma Real collaborates with Ensamble Folclórico Chicasquil who keeps the folklore, customs and dances typical of Costa Rica alive among other activities and with the Association of Rafaeleños Artisans.

Palma Real has obtained recognition of the Wordcob International Regulation for its Corporate Social Responsibility measures.