Halls for your events

Completely equipped with the latest technology for your comfort.


  • Free Wi-Fi internet access from any part of the premises.
  • Double panelable room with capacity to accommodate 100 people.
  • Lucerne Hall with capacity for 20 people.
  • Basilea Hall with capacity for 120 people.
  • Business center equipped with computers with Internet access, photocopiers and fax.
  • Courier service and confirmation of airline tickets.
Free Parking Events
Lucerna1220101524 (4 tables of 8 pax) 2,30 mts 3,70 mts 8,20 mts
Berna2140152032 (4 tables of 8 pax) 3,20 mts 7,80 mts 6,20 mts
Ginebra2540202036 (4 tables of 9 pax) 3,20 mts 7,80 mts Additional 5.30 mts 7,80 mts with additional
Berna y Ginebra65100404072 (8 tables of 8 pax) 3,20 mts 7,80 mts Additional 5.30 mts7,80 mts Additional 6 mts
*Basilea701205045104 (13 tables of 8 pax)2,40 mts 11 mts14.20 mts
Salón Lucerna para Eventos
Lucerna Hall
Salón Ginebra para Eventos
Ginebra Hall
Salon Basilea Corporativo
Basilea Corporate Hall
Salón de Reuniones Hotel Costa Rica
Berna & Ginebra Hall
Salón Berna para Eventos
Berna Hall
Salon Basilea Social
Basilea Social Hall


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